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Weather Information

HUE WEATHER The coast and delta area of Hue has tropical climate and is divided into two distinguished seasons. The dry season (from March to August) has a maximum temperature of 400 C and the colder, rainy season (August to January) has temperatures that can go down to 19,70 C. In higher areas (on...
SAPA WEATHER Sapa town possesses a climate of semi-temperate zone and subtropics, which makes it cool all year round. This is one of rare places in Vietnam which has 4 seasons that can be felt in some certain days. In the morning, the weather is like it is in spring; summer on the other hand can be felt at...
HANOI WEATHER Hanoi has typical North Vietnam climate, with a cold and dry winter (when temperatures can drop to as low as 6°C – 7°C) and a hot and extremely humid summer (temperatures can climb up to a maximum of 35°C). Spring is characterized with light drizzles while the summers bring heavy rain. The...